Digital Marketing: Who said what?

The domain of digital marketing is full of conceptual terms and their technical execution, to begin with. However, the language of technology does not appeal to all as they read about it. Usually, a good discussion on digital marketing cannot be concluded without quoting some great minds. It is usually imperative on the part of users to understand the market better if they are given a premise of what certain great marketers think and view digital marketing as a concept.

In a simple world, any statement with the beginning “Experts say “is believed much more than merely stating facts. Now put across our concern of some magnificent lines or quotes that explain the true meaning of digital marketing.

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone”KB Marketing Agency The need to promote a business using digital marketing is the most important step from the first day. It happens that businesses may fail to use digital marketing while some ace the game, they might not gain much but they gain from digital marketing.


  • “Google only loves you when everyone loves you first”Windy Piersall, author, blogger, and artist.

The essence of digital marketing is SEO because it is simply the game of how efficiently can we make a mark in the consumer’s mind. TDigital Marketing: Who said what?he goal of strong SEO will rank you high in Google analytics.


  • The goal today is to get targeted and related traffic, not just traffic” explains Adam Audette.relevant traffic” says Adam Audette

In our articles, it has been mentioned many times that the targeted audience is more important and result-oriented.


  • “People today want to learn before they buy rather than buy. Standing” – Brian Clark

The key to building a relationship with customers is not by offering discounts but rather meaningful content to influence their decision-making.


  • “Optimize for revenue, not conversions” – Neil Patel

The period of the 1980s and 1990s had the evolution of focusing on brand and not a product line. The thought process was different from the previous one of selling a product to identify the brand as a whole. However, trends indicate that lead generation should not be the goal to run a marketing campaign rather the goal should be to earn revenue from whatever avenues possible.


  • “Only by listening will we learn to speak again” – Dr. Searle and David Weinberger

The idea of digital marketing is to take advantage of deep internet network penetration and learn what customer needs. Call to action initiative is a way to build and learn direct connections with customers.


  • “Stop selling, start helping” – Zig Ziglar

The campaigns which go beyond the boundary of revenue generation usually earn laurels more than revenue. The goal of CSR is stimulated by degital marketing campaigns with defined finances and 

SEO game to let the world know that the intent is to help society in return.


Overall, a digital marketing campaign has many facets and you might be one of those whose view is yet to be known.


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