Mint Festival 2022 Venue, Lineup, Tickets and Much More

Mint Festival 2022 The creators of Leads’ very own clubbing brand, the Mint, have been hosting one of a kind unique festival for several years now. With now even a bigger Mint festival location meeting the never before seen demand over the last few years, the Mint festival 2022 venue will become the ultimate treasure trove of all the biggest 2022 UK music festivals.

The Mint festival 2022 is beaming up with a fantastic lineup, tons of attractions, the biggest names of the music industry, and with a not-so-subtle promise of a good day full of music, dancing, mingling, food and Mint festival ice cream, scrumptious – right?

What genre of music will be played by the Mint Festival Line Up?

The lineup for Mint festival 2022 will be yet another carefully crafted lineup – including the multi-genre type of acts beginning from disco to D&B and Techno. This has us excited about this year’s lineup;

Mint festival Line Up

The Mint Festival lineup for 2022 will be announced closer to the festival dates, so stay tuned to the UK time for the latest updates.

“We should look at last year’s lineup.”


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Complete Mint Festival lineup:

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  • Will Clark.
  • All of it is in your head.
  • Ammara
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  • James Howard was the man.
  • Annie Errez was a woman.
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The above lineup has raised our expectations for a fantastic and thrilling day of music, and if 2021. is to be taken as an example of the awesomeness of Mint festival 2022, the above lineup has only raised our expectations for a fantastic and thrilling day of music.

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Mint Festival 2022

“The entire day will be spread across the event’s four stages with a mix of native legends and underground superstars.”

Every stage will be independently programmed with its set style and sound at the Mint festival 2022 venue. The day-long festival will offer visitors a state-of-the-art musical cutting edge experience – a never before seen thrill. Additionally, the Mint festival location boasts a humongous food area – only a short walk across the site. The food stalls are run by local suppliers offering healthy options and delicious drinks throughout the day.

The Mint Festival Leeds has many other extra-curricular activities available to the festival-goers – to keep visitors entertained in between performances.”It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it”

Mint Festival Location”

The Mint Festival Leeds is one of the cheekiest UK dance festivals, taking place yearly in the northern city of Leeds. Every year in September, the Leeds east airport Mint festival hosts an enviable lineup of industry music and music legends – spanning genres – techno, house, and more.”

In 2022, the Mint festival Leeds organizers are calling it a party of the century – meaning one could expect a massive music/dance scene with a top-tier lineup with a daylong party, and that is before the after-parties come banging.”

What type of music is Mint Festival?

Mint festival 2022 venue is in the northern city of Leeds – hosting a Dance and Music festival – a party to live in the memories for decades. This September, the Mint festival Leeds is geared up to welcome an enviable lineup of dance and music gems spanning different genres, including; techno, house, and more. The Mint festival tickets are expected to go on sale soon – so don’t miss your chance to secure your place at the iconic festival.

Traveling to/from the Mint festival 2022

Mint festival shuttle bus and Taxis;

There will be no trains to or from the Mint festival site. However, you can get on the Mint festival shuttle bus. The said Mint festival shuttle bus and the taxis are two easy ways to get to the festival site.

Mint festival 2022 Venue”

This year the Mint festival location is the Newsam Green Farm, Leeds, LS15 9AD, United Kingdom. The festival begins in September. The Mint festival tickets have not gone on sale as of yet.

An attendee for the Mint festival Leeds must be 18 years old to enter the festival site. Don’t forget to bring your valid ID with you. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter the festival location. A valid ID can be in the form of an in-date driver’s license, passport, or a proof of age standards scheme card.

What date is Mint Fest?

The Mint festival will take place in September of 2022, but the exact dates are yet to be announced.

Where is Mintfest?

The festival location is the Newsam Green Farm – you can take the Mint festival shuttle bus to and from the festival site for easy travel. Additionally, the Mint festival tickets will soon be on sale on the festival’s official website.

What time is last entry at Mint Festival?

The accurate and set timings will be announced as soon as the Mint festival tickets go on sale; however, the gates of the Leeds east airport mint festival site are expected to open at 10 AM with the all-day fun continuing till 11 PM with the last entry allowed till 8 PM.

Re-Entry Policy

The ticket holders will be allowed to enter and leave the Leeds east airport mint festival once each day as no re-entry is allowed for the one-day event.

What do you wear to mint fest?

There is no dress code for the festival, but do not wear tracksuits, tracksuit bottoms, or man or camel bags/packs.

Can I bring a bag in to mint festival?

Big-sized bags are not allowed at the festival site due to security and safety guidelines. Smaller bags are not allowed.

How to buy food and drink at the Mint Festival 2021?

There is yet to be a strategy for 2022. Attendees were given wristbands with their scanned tickets. The items were paid for through the official festival website before the festival started.

Multiple top-up stands at the venue were set up to add more credit to your wristbands if you run out.

You should keep your wristband with you so unused credits can be returned.

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